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Demeter International

Demeter is the only ecological association that follows the same cultivation and processing guidelines as well as the same logo worldwide. Demeter International was founded in 1997 as a society in the form of an association to facilitate closer collaboration in cultural, legal, and economic areas. Currently Demeter International has 16 member organizations and 10 affiliated members from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and New Zealand. Demeter International therefore represents approx. 5,500 producers with 145,000 hectares area under cultivation, as well as approx. 500 processors in over 50 countries.

The major task of Demeter International

  • Development and adoption of international Demeter guidelines for production and processing that establish a minimum standard for world trade in Demeter products
  • International trademark protection for the brands Demeter and biodynamic
  • Certification of individual producers/processors in countries without their own Demeter organization
  • Harmonization of various Demeter certification procedures worldwide
  • Support for the establishment of new autonomous biodynamic institutions and Demeter

Collaboration on an international level is a challenging and mutually enriching task. Demeter International is a contemporary model of collaboration based on commitment, transparency, and regional independence.
Biodynamic cultivation is the most sustainable form of agricultural land use. It ensures that the top soil (humus layer) continuously grows. This has been demonstrated by independent research. This is especially important in the light of the change in climate, because large amounts of carbon dioxide are bound, which counteracts the greenhouse effect.
The self-manufactured, subtly working preparations out of manure, medicinal plants and minerals promote soil activity and plant health. As a result, the nutrient value and the characteristic aroma of agricultural products can fully develop. The range of products runs from antipasti to baby food, from wine to rusks, as well as from Demeter cotton to cosmetics. Through its co-brand strategy, Demeter International guarantees consumers biodynamic quality, while the manufacturer uses its name as a guarantee of careful processing in accordance to guidelines.


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