ELIANT stands for people who want to live in a Europe that is culturally diverse with freedom of choice:

in questions of education, the economy, social reform, organic agriculture, and complementary and integrative medicine.

Our Commitment

We are a growing number of people who – aware of the major social and economic problems threatening to destabilize Europe – are working to enable new ideas and constructive developments to become better known and find support. The European motif of "Multiplicity in unity and unity in multiplicity" can only be realised if conditions are created which make intercultural understanding just as possible as they do an interest in how individuals and peoples differ from one another.

We are convinced that social problems can only be solved through good upbringing and education. This has to be based on an outlook oriented towards the idea of healthy development rather than one dictated by societal and economic constraints. As an integrated part of civil society we want to contribute to comprehensive networking founded on mutual interest, recognition and trust in the future of Europe. We seek collaboration with institutions, associations and policy makers who share our goals of ensuring the right to be free and make one's own choices, and who develop positions and projects that help make this a reality.