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in questions of education, the economy, social reform, organic agriculture, and complementary and integrative medicine.

Agriculture: Land Sharing and Plant Breeding

Alexander Schwedeler

The biodynamic movement and Demeter have been pioneers in different fields of organic food and agriculture since 1924.
In this workshop we want to focus on two topics which are of great importance for the future of agriculture in Europe: land sharing and organic plant breeding.

The best way to achieve sustainable agriculture and employment in rural areas and on farms is to offer land sharing models like CSA (community supported agriculture). The workshop will discuss best practice models and their added value for European agriculture. Land sharing helps to overcome current land grabbing practices which are mainly profit-oriented leading to the destruction of peasant agriculture and its values. 

As organic food and agriculture are more and more demanded and appreciated by European consumers, biodynamic and organic plant breeding must be increased in order to match current and future needs. The aims, models and practice of organic plant breeding differ very much from conventional breeding. In the workshop it will be explained and discussed how and why organic breeding is beneficial for consumers, biodiversity and the environment.

Workshop participants will elaborate on preliminary conclusions and recommendations for how to continue the work in these two important areas of agriculture. The results will be presented in the following plenary session.


Veronique Rioufol

Véronique Rioufol (Terre des Liens)

Veronique Rioufol is an European programme officer of Terre de liens, a French civic organisation securing access to land for agroecological farmers. Also coordinator of the informal European network Access to land, gathering field-based organisations working on access to land. Trained in public policies and international relations.

René Groenen

René Groenen (Kultursaat e.V.)

Rene Groenen is a biodynamic gardener since 37 years in the South of the Netherlands. Close to the Belgian border he runs together with his wife a small farm which is spezialised in seed propagation and breeding of open-pollinated vegetable varieties. Both activities are in a close cooperation with Bingenheimer Saatgut AG and Kultursaat e.V., two farmer driven organisations in Germany who are close connected to each other. René is in the board of Kultursaat.