ELIANT stands for people who want to live in a Europe that is culturally diverse with freedom of choice:

in questions of education, the economy, social reform, organic agriculture, and complementary and integrative medicine.

ELIANT’s Contribution to Europe – Introduction to the Workshops

Sophie Beernaerds

Sophie Beernaets, Head of Schools and Educators Unit in DG EAC

Sophie Beernaerts is the Head of unit, in the European Commission, in charge of Schools and Educators, and multilingualism. Her unit supports high quality education for all by facilitating school policy development, fostering dialogue, channelling expertise and supporting educational policy makers, institutions, educators and learners. It is also in charge of the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme in school, vocational and adult education sectors. Before that, Sophie was in charge of the Europe for Citizens Programme that aims at strengthening European remembrance and enhancing capacity for civic participation at the Union level. She also dealt with the Community Initiative EQUAL to combat discrimination in the labour market.

Michaela Glöckler

Michaela Glöckler, Dr. med. Dr.h.c., Goetheanum/Switzerland

Dr. Michaela Glöckler, born 1946 in Stuttgart. 1965-1971 Academic Studies in the fields of history, philosophy, catholic theology, German Literature in Freiburg and Heidelberg Universities/ Germany. 1972-1978 Academic Medical Studies in Tuebingen and Marburg Universities/ Germany. 1979-1988 Specialty Training in Paediatrics and Publication of «Guide to Child's Health» together with Wolfgang Goebel, director of Department of Pediatrics, Community Hospital Herdecke/ Germany. Medical practice and Adviser at Rudolf Steiner Schools, world-wide lecturing and seminar activities regarding to primary prevention, medical and pedagogical topics, lifestyle, healthy aging, self-management. Various publications.

1988-2016 Head of the Medical Section, Goetheanum/ School of Spiritual Science, Dornach/ Switzerland. International coordination of the Anthroposophic Medical Movement. Emphasis on research, training, public health and empowerment of the civil society. Co-founder of the Alliance ELIANT.