ELIANT stands for people who want to live in a Europe that is culturally diverse with freedom of choice:

in questions of education, the economy, social reform, organic agriculture, and complementary and integrative medicine.

Education and social therapy for a fulfilling life in society for people with special needs

People with handicaps who require special support enjoy the same rights around the world, but suitable conditions for inclusion and integration are still often lacking. ELIANT works to ensure that time-tested institutions, villages and workshops can remain viable and also find recognition as possible models of integration.

There is a wide range of provisions available to children with special needs within anthroposophic education: early advice and diagnosis, special kindergartens, inclusive programmes, schools and group homes. Many opportunities are also offered to adults, ranging from workshops to village communities where life, work, cultural activities and social interaction are integrated. Over 350 institutions around the world currently work in this way, augmented by special schools, remedial classes and inclusion processes.

Whoever visits a school, day centre, or residential community in, say, Ireland, Sweden or Italy will be immediately impressed by the aesthetic way of life and the beauty of the natural materials, colours and shapes often used. Daily life there encompasses more than living in a community, going to school and receiving therapy. Musical activities, stage performances and the celebration of festivals all create a stimulating environment that also provides a sense of having a spiritual home.


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