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United Nations report on digital media builds on ECSWE’s recommendations

In May of 2022, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur Ms. Koumbou Boly Barry published a report on the Impact of the digitalization of education on the right to education that reflects and builds on ECSWE’s arguments for an age-appropriate and development-oriented digital media education. Following ECSWE’s recommendations, the Special Rapporteur demands more pedagogical freedom and teacher autonomy to adapt the teaching approach to the needs of a class. She also acknowledges the importance of children’s media maturity and promotion of balanced use of digital technology in school and at home. Now schools across the globe can use this highly relevant policy document that is available in six languages.

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The European Digital Competences Framework lists intentional non-use of digital technology as digital skill

Following ECSWE’s active involvement in the revision process, the European Digital Competences Framework for Citizens as of March 2022 includes key examples of healthy use of digital technology. Now the section 4.3, pages 30 and 40  DigComp 2.2 – The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.pdf on protecting health and well-being highlights the “importance of balancing the use of digital technologies with non-use as an option” and promotes the ability of applying “a variety of digital usage monitoring and limitation strategies” for “oneself and others” as a key skill for all European citizens. The straightforward recognition of these examples is important, as the new framework is expected to inspire curriculum reform across Europe.