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Renewable Energy - a Question for all of us!

Dear Friends of the ELIANT Alliance,

Thanks to the active involvement of many thousand European citizens, the idea of renewable energy
is no longer met with derision but is fast gaining mainstream acceptance. This would never have
happened without the personal engagement of a great many people. In Germany for example there is
an interlinked network of over 700 regional energy cooperatives which have developed their own wind turbine, solar panel and biogas facilities and financed them through personal investments and bank
loans. This means they are community owned! Members run and manage the facilities and their
primary objective is not profit but ecological sustainability, love for the earth and care for the living environment.

This development has been supported in Germany through the Renewable Energy Act which provides
(in a similar way to the UK Feed-in Tariff) a guaranteed uptake of and payment for renewable electricity
over a period of twenty years. This gave security to the investments.
Due to the 2008 financial crisis however support for new projects and community initiatives suffered a sharp reduction as Governments re-directed their resources towards bailing out the banks. It is nowtime once again to raise awareness for this issue in every country of the world in order to counter the growing climate crisis.

ELIANT is taking up this vitally important theme and very much hopes that you will use your networks to disseminate this newsletter as widely as possible.

The above mentioned renewable energy projects, anthroposophical initiatives and 'green eco-projects' share a common understanding for the complex life processes of our planet. The practical outcome of
this however is still far too limited. Supporters of these initiatives need to work actively together and all
of us need to become more politically engaged! This will also send an important signal of hope to the younger generation.

It is particularly important to campaign for an end to the long standing subsidies - around 600 millioneach year worldwide - that go to support fossil fuel and nuclear energy! This approach would save a lot of moneyand make renewables instantly more competitive. Discussions with politicians need to take place aboutthis on all levels. A recent article appearing in the New York Times offered some encouragement in this direction. Even the Rockefeller Foundation announced its intention of ending its support for fossil fueland nuclear energy.
More regional independence and greater resilience is needed so that a modern and human centred way of life is made possible not only within alternative circles but also in the mainstream.

It's about becoming more regionally independent and resilient, so that modern and decent living is not only possible in alternative ways of life but has the opportunity to become mainstream.

ELIANT wants to help our globalized, ever faster, over-technological world, find a balance with new ways of life, so that Planet Earth does not perish on its civilization diseases. For this we inform and work in a networked way with other initiatives of the same kind.

Objective, such as those mentioned below.

With warm greetings


Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler

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