ELIANT stands for people who want to live in a Europe that is culturally diverse with freedom of choice:

in questions of education, the economy, social reform, organic agriculture, and complementary and integrative medicine.



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91. Arztpraxen  
Anthroposophic Doctors Associations of anthroposophic doctors (worldwide) Council for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care (UK and Ireland) Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (USA)…  
92. Beteiligung am gesellschaftspolitischen Diskurs in der EU  
Participation in the socio-political discourse Konferenz „TTIP - Vermehrter Handel für ein besseres Leben?“, 15.-16. Juni 2015 Konferenz zur neuen EU-Saatgutverordnung, 25.1.2014 Konferenz…  
93. W_charta_EN.pdf  
European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy / ELIANT CHARTER Aims of the Alliance Human dignity and individual development are core values of European culture, to whose evolution…  
94. memorandum-alliance-eliant.pdf  
Register ID number 98897502693-37 MEMORANDUM For citizens’ freedom of choice and diversity of lifestyle in Europe to the attention of the President of the European Commission submitted by European…  
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