ELIANT staat voor mensen, die willen leven in een Europa met culturele diversiteit en vrije keuzemogelijkheden betreffende:

opvoedingsvraagstukken, economische en sociale hervormingen, biologische landbouw, complementaire en integratieve geneeskunde.


The goals of the alliance

Human dignity and individual development are core values of European culture, to whose evolution Rudolf Steiner’s initiatives of applied anthroposophy have contributed for over 80 years. Especially in the fields of agriculture, education, special needs education and medicine, humane approaches of the highest quality have been developed, and found worldwide acknowledgement and esteem. The Alliance’s task is to secure legal safeguards for such initiatives and to develop them further as a contribution towards the further shaping of Europe.

In the reality of the European context, the right to individual development for every citizen requires not only freedom of choice but also the availability of choices. Parents must be able to choose schools which accord with their educational convictions. Each person should be able to access the medical care and type of diet that corresponds to his way of life. In Europe, basic and human rights should not be restricted in such a way as to disadvantage these cultural initiatives. The Alliance is setting the course for pursuing this aim.

This necessitates basic social and legal policies to underpin institutions and developments which safeguard and support the diversity of different lifestyles. Pluralism of scientific methods, and freedom of research and teaching must be guaranteed. Freedom to choose one’s profession and course of training also depends on a context of social pluralism.

The Alliance’s work and mode of operation

Membership encompasses core members of the Alliance that join together in solidarity with the stated aims, as well as associate members.

Core members of the Alliance are associations and institutions of applied anthroposophy that work at a European level and which, in accordance with the stated aims, work actively within European legislature to promote safeguards for fundamental human rights of self-determination, cultural diversity and thus enhanced quality of life. Core members, as those responsible for the Alliance, will develop and realise the work of the Alliance.

Associate membership of the Alliance is open to any natural person or legal body, organization or institution which desires to promote cultural initiatives based on anthroposophy, and to support them through intellectual or financial contributions. They will be regularly informed of the Alliance’s activities, and where applicable will help realise individual projects and campaigns. Associate members do not bear any financial commitment arising from their membership, except where the member expressly desires it.

The Alliance’s work and mode of operation

We, the core members of this Alliance, agree to collaborate on the basis of a solidarity of initiatives. The Alliance will offer us mutual support in our respective, Europe-focused plans and campaigns. Our aim is to practise collaboration and mutual aid, with integrity and transparency. We thereby hope to realise necessary initiatives in different fields with the widest possible democratic support, low administrative costs, and keen awareness of dialogue and communication.

We will continue to exert influence on the development of European policies and legislature, and to develop and maintain existing contacts with European institutions.

We are an integral part of civil society at the European level, aiming to create as comprehensive a network as possible with organisations that pursue similar goals.

We participate actively in public relations activities and – as far as this is feasible – collaborate in conferences, courses and workshops that correspond with the aims of the Alliance.

In order to further our aims we are seeking partners in the fields of culture, economics and politics. We hope to collaborate with institutions, associations and individuals in public life who share our commitment to lasting protection of each person’s freedoms, quality of life and individual development potential. Together with these partners we intend to support positions and initiatives which will contribute to shaping Europe’s future according to the aims and principles described above.

The resolutions and decisions which affect the Alliance as a whole will be taken by mutual agreement of its members. Until the transfer to Brussels, the secretariat is located at the Foundation for Anthroposophic Medicine at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

The core members and initial signatories of the Alliance are:

AEFMUTA, Association Européenne des Fabricants de Médicaments utilisés en Thérapeutique Anthroposophique (European Association of Manufacturers of Medicines Used in Anthroposophic Therapy), Huningue; Nand de Herdt.

Demeter International e.V., Darmstadt; Andreas Biesantz.

ECCE, European Co-operation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy, Zeist; Bernard Heldt

ECSWE, European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education, A.I.S.B.L, Brussels; Christopher Clouder.

EFPAM, European Federation of Patients’ Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine, Leidschendam; René de Winter.

FAM, Foundation for Anthroposophic Medicine, Dornach; Michaela Glöckler

GESUNDHEIT AKTIV - Anthroposophische heilkunst e.V. (patient organisation for anthroposophic healthcare), Bad Liebenzell; Heidrun Loewer.

IBDA, International Association for Biodynamic Agriculture, Arlesheim; Nikolai Fuchs.

IKAM, International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine, Dornach; Jürgen Schürholz.

IVAA, International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations, Dornach; Günther Schulz, Peter Zimmermann.

The following associate members of the Alliance were present at its founding:
Institut Anthroposophique Rudolf Steiner (Institute for Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy), Brüssel; Jürgen Erdmenger.
Conference for Curative Education and Social Therapy, Dornach; Rüdiger Grimm.
Giancarlo Buccheri, former president of the IVAA.
Christof Wiechert, Dornach.

Brussels, 29 June 2006

The core partners and associate members thank everyone who has supported this charter and who, by adding their name to the list of signatures, has helped to reinforce the Alliance’s political efficacy.