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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy


The memorandum is only available in English


ELIANT submitted the memorandum to the European Commission in 2011 with reference to article 11 of the Treaty of the European Union that concerns participative democracy.

Citizens of Europe benefit from the research results and experiences of applied anthroposophy, whether it be the food produced with biodynamic agriculture, the treatments and medicines of Anthroposophic Medicine or the education in Steiner/Waldorf schools. Although these products and services are highly valued in many countries, there is no EU-wide legal framwork to ensure their availability.

ELIANT seeks to ensure that European integration does not lead to uniformity but that differences are promoted for the benefit of all Europeans as per the motto «union in diversity».

The key initiatives of the Strategy for Europe 2020 – an innovations union, policy for industry and youth on the move – effectively encompass the objectives of ELIANT. Some of the activities in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and health care however, continue to suffer from painful restrictions. It is particularly concerning to ELIANT that the achievements of applied anthroposophy in for example medicine and health care, are only available in a few member states and in others are prohibited. European citizens should be able to exercise their freedom of choice throughout the internal market.

You will find the most important concerns and proposals of ELIANT with regard to EU regulations and policies in the pdf of the memorandum.