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Anthroposophic Care

Why a Charter for Good Care?

"Our time needs an ethic of care for nature and culture. A charter for good care in the 21st century shows perspectives."

The global crisis in the caring professions, which has been ongoing on for many years, has entered a new phase with the pandemic and the upheavals in social and cultural life that lie ahead. We recognise that care is not a matter for the care professions alone, but that every human being as a caregiver bears responsibility for the careful, mindful and sustainable treatment of nature and culture. The nursing professions can play an important guiding role here through their expertise.

This Charter has emerged from an almost two-year discussion process within the worldwide anthroposophical nursing movement. It is internally related to other similar contributions, such as the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses. We are convinced that the perspectives mentioned in the Charter open up a truly new view of the responsibilities of the nursing professions, but they need to be further developed in conversation. Nurses want to make their contribution, however modest, to the change. Good, sustainable human care already exists. We can find it, and we can create it.

Another proposal:
In conversations they need to be developed further. Nurses want to make their contribution to the change, however modest it might be. The good, sustainable, human dignified care already exists. We can find it - we can create it.

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September 2021

International Council for Anthroposophic Nursing Associations (ICANA)
Rolf Heine, President