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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy


The European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposopy/ELIANT as a campaigning organisation promoting more quality of life, cultural diversity and availability of choice in Europe. Our working motto comes from the «Fairy Tale» by Goethe:

«One alone does not help, but rather he who unites with others at the right time»

Human dignity and individual development are key values in European culture. For them to be realized in terms of policy the civil society of Europe and hence each citizen, needs more than a democratically guaranteed freedom of choice. But the choices must also be made available to choose from. These are disappearing as increasing bureaucracy takes hold – especially in the fields of education, health and the various forms of therapy as well as in agriculture. What may be recognised in one country often cannot be sold across the EU or else disappears due to new market rules. This even applies to some of the cultural initiatives arising from the applied anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner which have existed since the twenties of the 20th century.

Together with partners sharing similar goals we are campaigning to retain the availability of such choices and thereby contribute towards the cultural diversity of Europe.

ELIANT as a charitable organisation in Germany and Switzerland

The ELIANT foundation in Switzerland and ELIANT GmbH (company limited by guarantee) in Germany, are charitable vehicles for our work, overseen on an annual basis by the equivalent of the UK charity commission.

We are deeply grateful for every donation. Each gift helps us to continue with our work – for instance engaging with projects, helping to retain the availability of choices in Europe or supporting cultural initiatives central to the conscious development of human dignity.