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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Therapeutic Education and Social Therapy –
a fulfilled life in community

Therapeutic Education and Social Therapy – a fulfilled life in community

People with disabilities and those with special needs are given opportunities for enjoying equal rights throughout the world.

This is realized in an exemplary way by anthroposophic therapeutic education – early support and diagnosis, therapeutic early years education, integrative kindergartens, homes and communities with high quality care and support. For young people and adults there are sheltered workshops, farms and village communities in which work, culture and social life are integrated. There are currently more than 350 initiatives of this kind on all continents in addition to schools for children with special needs, remedial classes and school inclusion programmes (in Waldorf/Steiner schools).

In visiting a school for therapeutic education, a day centre or a community in say Ireland, Sweden or Italy, one is impressed by the aesthetic architecture, the ecological and well being-focused lifestyle, the beauty of natural materials, the colour and the forms. Daily life however does not consist solely of community life, school and therapy. Day trips, journeys, musical activities, theatrical performances and the celebration of seasonal festivals together, create a stimulating cultural life and a feeling of being spiritually at home.

ELIANT seeks to ensure that the well-proven institutions, villages and workshops offering individual care remain viable and gain recognition as possible models of inclusion.