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for Applied Anthroposophy

Developing creativity and social competence

Developing creativity and social competence

Each human being is unique. Children and young people have a right to an upbringing and education that advances their individual and social development.

Steiner/Waldorf education – in play groups, kindergartens and in schooling through to the 18th year – can accommodate the most varied gifts and learning possibilities with its artistic lesson structure and a curriculum focused on healthy development.

Rudolf Steiner developed the Steiner/Waldorf approach to education together with a team of educationists between 1919 and 1924. Today there are over 2000 kindergartens and play groups spread across all continents.

Since Steiner/Waldorf schools and kindergartens arise primarily out of parent initiatives it is particularly important for the legal framework in Europe to continue allowing for this engagement by citizens.

ELIANT together with its partners is seeking to ensure that coming generations can go through childhood and adolescence in a healthy way and that play groups, kindergartens and schools are places of healthy development.