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Steiner/Waldorf Education for dignity, freedom and social responsibility

[Translate to English:] Waldorf/Steiner Pädagogik  für Freiheit, soziale Verantwortung, Würde

The first Waldorf school came about in 1919 as a result of a parent initiative among workers at the Waldorf Astoria cigerette factory in Stuttgart. The CEO Emil Molt asked Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) to become the educational director, while he concerned himself with the finances.

Since then, 1204 schools have been founded across the world, as well as 1987 kindergartens – almost all have emerged from parent initiatives. The parents were the ones to found an association, look for an appropriate building, and hopefully find suitable teaching staff. They sought an education that was not focused primarily on meeting the performance targets demanded by industry or society, but one that supported the healthy development of body, soul and spirit.

This objective takes on an even greater significance in the 21st century. The ongoing technological and digital transformation of all aspects of culture needs an educational approach that takes into account the changing developmental needs of children and young people as they grow up. For Rudolf Steiner, education was about “living evolving science, living evolving art, living evolving religion” – all the lessons should relate to life and to the development of pupils. And he expected of teachers that they “receive the child with reverence, educate with love and discharge in freedom”.

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Waldorf 100 (Deutsche Version, Teil 1-3)

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Waldorf 100 (English version, Parts 1-3)

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Links zu Websites zur Waldorfpädagogik
Pädagogische Sektion am Goetheanum
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