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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Europe –
a cultural area with opportunities for individual growth and constructive community development

Europe – a cultural area with opportunities for individual growth and constructive community development

Europe is not only an economic union. With their Christian cultural roots, Member States have been able to grow together into a community of common values despite nationalistic tendencies, wars and humanitarian catastrophes. Continuing progress towards gender equality and tolerance of differing ethnic groups, cultures and religious persuasions, is a precious cultural asset of this European continent.

European evolution, however, is endangered not only by aggressive nationalistic populism. The development of healthy lifestyles and the social structures associated with them is being undermined in all branches of life by the dominating ideology of limitless financial and economic growth. Europe is in danger of being caught in the crossfire of the ensuing geopolitical power struggle between east and west.

ELIANT supports a European identity that seeks to counterbalance these two tendencies of nationalism and globalism. It orientates itself to the real needs of the population and upholds the ideals of the French Revolution – free expression and education of the individual, security of law and mutuality/brotherhood in developing economic relationships throughout the value chain – including the sustainable use of natural resources.

Please help us to secure Europe‘s true development – also as an inspiration for other international communities! With regard to species diversity and soil health, many things have been achieved through organic and biodynamic agriculture and through plant breeding research, as well as in an education system largely free of state directives.

In the realm of science ELIANT is calling for a pluralism of methodologies on a legal level the creation frameworks that allow for individual initiatives and therefore, guarantee that essential choices remain available. After all, what is the use of having freedom of choice if regulations limit the type of choices that are available? This is a common issue in the field of medicine, for example, where legal regulations hinder integrative medical endeavours and important medicines are no longer authorised or available throughout the EU.