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Resilient Agriculture and Nutrition

Resilient Agriculture and Nutrition

Today’s agriculture is marked by an overall decline in soil fertility, a dramatic loss of biodiversity, the high input of pesticides - especially the systemically acting neonicotinoids, - and an intensive farming system that requires massive antibiotic input. And then there is the issue of genetically modified seeds being sown. The consequences are well known – mineralisation of soils, a weakened ecosystem, a worsening of food quality, increased antibiotic resistance (affecting people too). This form of agriculture contributes to the climate crisis and endangers food security.

The way forward is to have a resilient form of agriculture, such as that practised since 1924 as biodynamic agriculture. The biodynamic farmer manages the farm out of a deep respect for the processes of life, the living soil and for animal integrity. All biodynamic cows keep their horns and the subtly working preparations produced on the farm enhance soil fertility and promote plant health.

In order to guarantee high quality products, farmers depend on prices for their products that guarantee the future of their farm and the social commitment of their customers.

Demeter stands for this resilient agriculture and is the label used to denote products grown according to the biodynamic approach and to standards that apply throughout the world. This universal form of agriculture is practised on all continents.

The “Biodynamic Federation Demeter International” (BFDI) is working together with ELIANT to ensure that the biodynamic approach can continue making its contribution to food quality, protection of the environment and biodiversity, and is not unduly restricted by regulations.