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Fully Human
Being Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

by Alexander Schwedeler

We are facing times in which social cohesion is getting fragile and in some places is breaking down. Nationalism and border- setting are new motivations which are disturbing our liveli- hoods. At the same time, we are facing the emergence of not only AI, but new technologies also in bio- and neurosciences and quantum computing. All this will lead to radical shifts in the way we live. These shifts, I believe, are calling upon us to ask the question of what it means to be fully human. AI challenges us to look at the many not yet so well-known skills and capacities of us humans. I believe that the rich and full view on the human being could positively affect our self-confidence, our ways of self-development, and leadership in a world full of machines and technology. My wish is that this book will support a view on the human being that is richer than the materialistic view, that the view on physiology, function, and process, opens a wider view on the human being, which can include soul and spirit. I wish that it would give hope and motivation to further develop ourselves as human beings and attain the full spectrum of our body, soul, and spirit dimensions.

An increasing number of us seek new and healthy ways into the future. In his book “Fully Human” Alexander Schwedeler not only gives us inspiring ideas and answers from his personal view and professional experience. He also diagnoses in a careful and balanced way that it is no longer enough to only look with a materialistic view on the human being. He shows, based on most recent science, and with a focus on the physiology of the heart, that modern natural science is leading the way towards a new paradigm, towards an image of the human being which includes the soul- and spiritual dimension. He shows how physiological threefolding, as already proposed by Rudolf Steiner in 1917, supports this view. The book inspires us to go the way towards becoming fully human: individually, in our professional life, and most importantly in our leadership roles and positions when we are working together with our fellow humans.

Dr. med. Michaela Gloeckler, President ELIANT European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy (

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Fully Human: Being Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence