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Urgent need for choice in health care – we all can help to bring it about

The Peoples' Declaration for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH).

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Most citizens want health care that focuses on the whole person and respects cultural diversity. While 80% of all countries world-wide report the use of traditional, complementary or integrative practices, this high demand is not yet reflected in national health systems due to the lack of recognition and regulation, or a result of limited collaboration between different healthcare systems.

In response, a group of more than 89 healthcare organisations, practitioners, patients, and scientists from around the world is uniting around a shared vision of healthcare and have launched the Peoples' Declaration for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH). Our Alliance ELIANT member, the International FederationofAnthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA) is an active promoter of TCIH and have supported the Declaration partners in developing a common vision of health care for the near future:

"The healthcare we envision focuses on the whole person, is participative, respects individual choices, as well as cultural diversity and engages in respectful evidence-informed collaboration between all systems of healthcare."

TCIH focuses on the whole person and considers the individual in their physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and environmental context.

The Declaration will collect signatures of support from organisations and individuals worldwide over the course of one year to demonstrate the demand for TCIH to policy makers.

We would be extremely pleased if our ELIANT friends would support this international call to action and could sign and follow the Declaration milestones at!

With your signature you support this urgently needed change of perspective in medicine worldwide. This is the good "lobbying" that can currently only be done by civil society! It is up to all of us!

In the hope that you will be able to support this important cause.

Best summer greetings on behalf of the ELIANT Team
Yours, Michaela Glöckler

Thank you for your donation - it motivates us in our work!