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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Appeal towards ELIANT’s activities in 2022

A warm plea for your support to move forward

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Because of your support and willingness to donate, we can look back with gratitude on the difficult second "Corona Year". By joining forces, we managed to bring our petition for screen-free kindergartens and primary schools to a successful conclusion. The large number of signatures gave our proposed amendments the necessary weight to be taken into account into the EU Digital Education Action Plan. Together with our alliance partner ECSWE, we advocated for, and achieved, that age-appropriate media education and skills development is integrated into the Action Plan. Furthermore, being involved in in the DigComp 2.2. revision for which the EU Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion is responsible, ECSWE advocated for age-appropriate media education, and ELIANT was able to contribute as well.

It is particularly pleasing that we were able to support the translation and printing of the guidebook "Growing up healthy in a world of digital media" also in countries where the necessary money was lacking. It is now available in 17 languages, and more are in the pipeline. It is a real pleasure to see the overview, which is the fruit of also your work, because without your donations, it would not have been possible! What makes us proud in view of Christmas is that in the last few months, we have succeeded in producing a 20-minute video in cooperation with diagnose:funk in Stuttgart, which is freely accessible on the internet in six languages. It provides detailed information on what children and young people need for healthy physical and mental development. The costs for this were borne by ELIANT, while the film material was made freely available to us by diagnose:funk, for which we cannot thank them enough.

The fact that we were able to support the petition "Save Bees and Farmers" so strongly in terms of numbers, and contribute to reaching the goal of 1 million signatures, made us very grateful. This is where once again our large ELIANT community has proven itself as a supportive force for initiatives with related objectives! This now creates good conditions for successful negotiations with the EU authorities for more biodiversity and less pesticide use in agriculture.

Last year, we succeeded in redesigning our homepage and becoming more active on social media – especially on the climate issue, the importance of organic farming, Corona and digital media.

In order to continue our activities and expand them where necessary, we urgently need your support, as we are financed exclusively by free donations. Without your help, we can neither maintain nor further develop what we have achieved. Every donation, no matter how small, is an encouragement and incentive for our work. For this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

At the beginning of the year, we will report to you what we have planned for 2022 and what will be possible thanks to your support.

What counts most in these uncertain times? "The people. Always it is the people - you know it. Their heart is a little star that lights up the earth." This is how Rose Ausländer put it. Hope, trust and confidence emerge from these words. Within us lies the strength that counts and that we will need for the great current challenges in the coming year.

With good wishes and heartfelt greetings for a blessed Christmas,
on behalf of our alliance partners too - we greet you warmly
Michaela Glöckler

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