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Glyphosate and GM technology – What is the thought and intention being promoted?

The future of our life's foundations

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

On 5th July we received news of two worrying EU decisions: The EU proposes to further extend the approval of Glyphosate applications and permit the unregulated use of the new gene technology. It is clear that the views of the agrochemical lobby – supported by their own studies – have been pushed through while the alarming research findings of independent experts have led to neither a rethink nor a consideration of new approaches.

Roundup contains the broad spectrum herbicide Glyphosate which harms not only soil life, the insect world and with it biodiversity, but also poses a danger to the human being – IARC the cancer research agency of the WHO, classes this herbicide as being "probably carcinogenic". Many studies also confirm that glyphosate can have a toxic effect on the DNA and the nervous system and cause damage to the microbiome of the gut – a key factor of health.

Authorisation of the latest gene editing procedures without testing
Plants bred using new genetic modification procedures are to be released untested – even though these new procedures are also a deep intervention into the plant genome and risk harming the ecosystem in unforeseeable ways. The possible negative effects of genetically modified plants can only be kept under control through risk assessment, risk management and traceability. Without this, the foundation of scientific seriousness is abandoned. It cannot be replaced by statements to the effect that mutations occurring in nature would be identical to the deliberate, rapid, artificial interventions made by human beings.

Who bears the harm and the risk?
If this EU proposal is implemented we will all be carrying the ecological risk while the possible health risks in individual cases will be – as we well know – hard to prove. The ones who are demonstrably damaged by this are the organic and biodynamic farmers who can no longer guarantee food that is produced GM free. For consumers it means the loss of a vital and important alternative and with it the freedom to choose their food, the foundation of life.

The struggle between approaches
The implementation of this proposal by member states would once again mean victory for a way of thinking whose prerogative is to serve the ideology of growth and profit. And this, despite a growing public awareness that a new approach is needed in politics, education and economics which does justice to the complex living relationships of human beings and nature. In this fundamental spiritual debate we are called to ask ourselves: What approach is determining our daily life? What kind of future do we want to bring about for mankind and the earth? Where are we able and willing to change something? In ELIANT we occupy ourselves with these questions on a daily basis in the knowledge that we are not alone. Many others are trying – wherever they may be – to develop this new approach.

In this spirit we send warm greetings from the ELIANT team
Michaela Glöckler

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