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Children are looking for and need direct contact and closeness

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

This period of the coronavirus presents us with huge challenges especially for working parents with small children. In order for parents to be able to work from home, small children may well have to spend short periods of time in front of the screen. This makes it even more important to ensure that this is balanced out immediately or as soon as the situation allows, with time for free play, being out in nature and having outdoor activities. Independent research has after all confirmed that screen time does not promote healthy brain development.

What children particularly need now is the undivided attention and quality time with their parents. This strengthens the bond between parent and child and is one of the most important factors for building resilience in children. There are many other valuable suggestions in the factsheet for parents and in the video.

Die Waldorf 100 Conference

As has already been reported, the conference in Brussels took place in November 2019. It offered an inspiring and very diverse perspective on the future direction and significance of an education that is focused on the human being. It brought many professionals and those responsible for education together and enabled a constructive discussion to take place about the various connected issues and challenges that arise. The ongoing drive towards the digitalisation of early childhood education was addressed as being a major challenge to the healthy development of children since it threatens the development of their cognitive and creative faculties. And if coming generations are unable to develop these faculties properly we will lack the creative vision that is so necessary to bring about the positive changes that are needed in so many fields of life.

With warm greetings for you and your children from the team in Brussels
Michaela Glöckler

Many thanks too for your financial support which we are also dependent on in these times.

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