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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Organic seed must remain common property

From the beginnings of agriculture some 10,000 years ago until about 100 years ago seed was part of our commons. With conventional seed production methods this is no longer the case, its social foundation has been destroyed.

This makes it even more important to ensure that organic seed remains common property.

Conventional seed production is an industry dominated by a few large concerns that focus almost exclusively on marketing hybrid and genetically modified seed. This seed is bred in such a way that the farmer cannot save his own seed and must purchase it anew each year. To achieve the promised high yields its cultivation requires the input of artificial fertilizers and pesticides to protect it from weeds and pests.

This however brings with it disastrous consequences for soil fertility. But the companies that own and increasingly monopolise the seed market promise high yields – and a good return for shareholders.

Organic seed must not be allowed to suffer the same fate. It can only be prevented however if alongside committed farmers, we consumers also get involved!

It is the intention of ELIANT and its members to address these important issues in Brussels. This is why Demeter International organised another workshop discussion on seeds to which representatives of the European Commission and the parliament were invited as well as representatives from organic seed initiatives. Please help us to continue with these efforts!

As consumers we can make a significant contribution towards maintaining the health of our soil and our food through our buying habits and the way we engage with civil society.

Thank you for all your support
With warm greetings
Michaela Glöckler