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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

What has ELIANT achieved in 2018? How do we continue in 2019?

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Introducing digitalisation at the right age is essential if the new generation is to think independently and carry impulses for the future. That is why the work of ELIANT in 2018 was focused so strongly on the age-appropriate introduction of digital media.

What have we achieved and how do we continue?

The citizen's campaign and petition for humane education
The petition 'no to forced digitization of the lesson' has still not gained the necessary traction despite the solid science that underpins it. To support our case we have produced videos to show the consequences of introducing digital media too soon. Further activities are planned.

Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) Report
The Committee for Education and Culture published recommendations for digital education in member states. Working with our partner organisation ECSWE, we proposed changes to the draft to emphasise the importance digitalisation being age-appropriate. These were broadly accepted.

Age-appropriate Media Guide
ELIANT was asked to write the foreword to a guide being put together by a team of outstanding researchers. It is currently available in German. ELIANT is now working to have it translated into eight further European languages. Workshop and Position Paper During the course of a workshop on this theme we acquainted ourselves with the most recent and in many ways quite shocking, research results. These form the basis of a position paper that will be circulated to responsible parties throughout the EU at the beginning of 2019.

Continuing the education campaign in 2019
We would like to continue our EU wide campaign and the petition for humane education throughout 2019. Due to the aggressive economic and political promotion of universal early years digitalisation in Germany and other EU countries, a far greater awareness raising effort is needed than was originally thought. All this work has only been (and continues to be) made possible with your support – and for this we would like to thank you warmly!

To further our work in 2019 and bring about new impulses, we trust that our ELIANT friends will continue supporting us with donations.

We wish everyone both far and near a blessed Christmas and happy New Year.

Michaela Glöckler
For the ELIANT Alliance