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for Applied Anthroposophy

Why individual real-life capacities must be encouraged

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

In the middle of April we reported on the successful lobbying work of ELIANT and its partner organisations ECSWE (European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education) and IASWECE (International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education) with regard to changes to the European Parliament Resolution of 25th march 2021 on digital education policy. Things have moved on since then and we would like to update you on progress.

The Resolution included our proposals for an age-appropriate and development-orientated approach to media education, emphasised the importance of educational diversity and the irreplaceable role of the teacher as well as the need for more interdisciplinary research into the long-term effects of digital learning. Over the coming seven years we will need to work on the implementation of these important issues. We intend to put all our effort into this! After all what is understood as being age-appropriate varies considerably – especially when it comes to the use of digital media. The harm caused in kindergarten and primary education for example, far outweighs any benefits. This is what we have to make clear.

ELIANT and its two partner organisations ECSWE and IASWECE have taken the following steps since April:

ECSWE has been actively engaged in working through the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens in order to demonstrate the age-appropriate application of digital technology and how it can be realised for the different age groups without compromising their health and well being.

ECSWE is also asking for a seat on the Expert Committee of the European Commission on Digital Competency and Disinformation. The group will begin its work in September of this year and have the task of providing support and advice to the Directorate General of the European Commission on Education, Youth, Sport and Culture.

IASWECE has organised an initial introductory workshop on Media & Wellbeing together with its partners. It offers a broad perspective on the theme of media aware education from birth to twenty one and highlights various aspects of this development.

Local groups in civil society are however also urged to remain awake regarding the way digital transformation of the education system is being driven forward and to help ensure that the right to a healthy physical and soul-spiritual development is not endangered.

With hope and warm greetings on behalf of the ELIANT team
Michaela Glöckler

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