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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Children and young people need protecting!

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Why not develop one's own intelligence before delegating the work to a machine? Why not first learn to understand the technology of computers and then apply it in lessons where it can really be of help?

Our increasingly digitalised world will in future need healthy, independent thinking and self aware people – not malleable consumers who conform to the system. Home situations where discipline for whatever reason, has gone awry, make it increasingly important for schools to create opportunities to learn through real-world human interaction.

Please help us to ensure that this choice remains available and is promoted in places where it has already vanished! Do please sign our petition and pass it on – we hope to have the first 100,000 signatures by Christmas and then continue to collect signatures throughout next year! Parents as well as teachers with responsibility for kindergartens and schools, are seeking guidance in how to handle digital gadgets and need our support – after all huge financial and human resources are driving this early introduction of digital media.

We will only be taken seriously and be able support them if we become a genuine 'citizens movement for humane education'. This means having as many people as possible sign this petition.

The take-up of the media guide "Growing up Healthy in a World of Digital Media: A guide for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents", ISBN-13: 978-0952836414, is very encouraging. It is currently being translated into 20 languages. English and Hungarian versions are already available.

With warm greetings Michaela Glöckler

We are grateful for any financial support you can offer.