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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

The focus of our citizen's movement and the latest regarding 5G

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

We are no longer alone with our worries and concerns about the consequences of early digitalisation. And yet it goes no further than warnings and discussions.

In 2020 ELIANT with your support, intends to show those responsible that it is not merely a few concerned professionals but a large and growing movement of citizens who are determined to ensure that in a world of digital media there is a healthy way of growing up. This is not simply about limiting screen time for children but about

  • understanding that the premature and systematic acclimatising of children to the digital world, deprives them of the capacity to engage responsibly with these media later on – in other words to use digital gadgets when they are needed rather than out of habit.
  • being able – should one so wish – to resist the consumer advertising that continually creates ever more needs.
  • knowing that we are witnessing mass manipulation on a hitherto unknown scale even though many people find it cool and modern and don't recognise the new dependency that accompanies it.

In addition to this there is 5G! Quoting the US health authority the US bio-physicist Prof. James Lin, wrote in the IEEE journal that: "… the link between mobile phone radiation and tumors in male rats is a reality and independent experts are in full agreement with this". The link between mobile phone radiation and cancer is now recognised as a burning issue. The article can be found here . And now for some good news: The small parish of Bad Wiessee has agreed on a 5G moratorium. It is to be hoped that others will do the same pending a less damaging technology coming on the market.

HOWEVER: Despite huge protests in Austria, 129 districts including Vienna and Salzburg are being connected to the 5G network from January 2020. The mass experiment has been launched!

We are grateful for any assistance you can give in distributing our petition and supporting our work!

On behalf of the ELIANT team
Michaela Glöckler