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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

The continuing availability of choice is more important than ever

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

The Corona crisis has also affected us here in Brussels. At the beginning of the year we had written to all the newly confirmed members of the European Parliament, received several encouraging responses and arranged initial meetings – but then social engagements in Brussels and throughout Europe were incapacitated.

Added to major social problems and the climate crisis we now have to deal with the very personal threat posed to each one of us by a virus that has transferred itself from animals to humans and which understandably, has brought about a great deal of fear and uncertainty. Even if everyone contributes towards slowing down the rate of infection in order to win time to develop a vaccine and prevent the health system from being over burdened, the concern remains as to how life will continue after this immediate crisis is over. There is an apparent and scarcely imaginable need for action and not only in terms of economic and social life.

A prophetic insight

It has been clear to many people that all countries – and not only China – have access to the electronic means for total surveillance and will implement them if it seems necessary. One of those who helped to develop this technology in the USA was MIT Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum. In response to a question asked in an interview held during the Orwell year of 1984 about whether there would be a total surveillance state one day, he said: “Of course, that is being consistently worked towards. But when this state finally arrives, it will be more the result of people not defending their freedoms than that the computer is to blame”. He then gave the regimes of Hitler and Stalin as examples of how total surveillance can occur without computer technology and that a healthy future for humanity is dependent to a great extent on the development of morality and empathy for each other. It is therefore encouraging to see how much positive and caring activity is being generated during the corona crisis despite all the fear and anxiety that has been and continues to be engendered.

Our ELIANT campaign for a healthy upbringing in the world of digital media which continues unabated, also serves this key objective: Helping to ensure that as many people as possible grow up to be independent thinking, empathetic and motivated!

Tips on strengthening the immune system

Drawing on the approach of integrative medicine – including for example anthroposophic medicine – there are in addition to the well known recommendations for preventing infection, some additional health promoting and immunity enhancing measures which can help prevent and also positively accompany the illness as it progresses. What is particularly important is the careful management of fever. Fever is a powerful natural weapon of the body to combat viral and bacterial infection. There are also effective, process-orientated integrated medicines available of for example anthroposophic or homeopathic origin, which can physiologically support the functions of breathing and the lungs. ELIANT intends to continue campaigning for the continued availability of such medical choices within the health system.

As regards lifestyle it is important to have sufficient sleep, healthy nutrition and regular physical exercise in the fresh air.

On a spiritual level immunity is stimulated by good thoughts and motivation that is focused on what is essential and that we are not only a physical body but also possess a spirit accessible to thinking which has an indestructible identity. On a soul level positive thoughts are helpful. These can be awakened and strengthened through prayer and meditation – for example the words given by Rudolf Steiner to support the healthy breathing process:

May the blessed, protective radiance of God
Suffuse my growing soul
That she may grasp
The powers of strength in all that is
And commit
To waking, full of life
The power of love itself
And sense the strength of God
Upon her path through life
And in God’s purpose
Work with all her might

With this in mind we send warm greetings and best wishes for your health from the ELIANT team
Michaela Glöckler

We would like to express warm thanks for supporting us with your donations during this difficult time.