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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Why ELIANT is involved in Africa

Africa today still suffers the most from the consequences of colonialism.

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Colonialism which began in the 15th century and led to much of the world coming under the dominion of European powers, brought not only the globalisation we cherish. Through genocide, slavery and the unspeakable horrors of racism, the collective memory has been engraved with deep wounds. Added to this are the post-colonial political, economic and cultural problems which in Africa are expressed today in poverty, hunger and factional wars.

What can we offer to counter the racism that is so widespread in the world? What is needed to bring about a change in thinking so that success is measured not by the maximisation of profit but the wellbeing of mankind and the earth?

For ELIANT the answer lies in promoting a way of thinking and acting that places individual development, human dignity and sovereignty at the centre of life and work. Material needs are of course important but so too is a form of education and a cultural life that meets the needs of soul and spirit. For without this it is not possible for the essential culture of responsibility to arise which is so fundamental to a system of democratic rights and an economy directed towards the common good. This is what the initiatives for applied anthroposophy are working towards in the fields of education, agriculture, integrative medicine, the arts and in the social-economic realm. We are therefore greatly encouraged to see how this cultural impulse is being increasingly taken up on the African continent. Small and larger initiatives especially in the fields of agriculture, remedial education and education, are already to be found in more than 30 of the 59 African nations.

What is still very much in its infancy however, is the networking of people engaged in the different fields of activity, across national boundaries. An initiative was launched to address this in 2018 with representatives from 14 African countries coming together to found an All African Anthroposophic Training/AAAT. The first meeting took place in Nairobi, Kenya. In the following years the initiative moved to Zimbabwe, then to Tanzania and after the Covid-19 break, to Uganda. In August this year the AAAT took place in Zanzibar.

A simple conference centre is chosen – out in the countryside if possible – for an intensive week together. Specialist courses, work in small groups and presentations from the different initiatives, provide the focus. In 2024 Namibia will be the host country. What the 120 or so participants particularly enjoy, is the atmosphere of friendship that extends across all national and cultural boundaries. They share a common interest in bringing about a deeper, more human approach to life and the professions, one in which the development of each individual is considered and furthered as much as the professional, social and ecological aspects.

Since a number of foundations in Germany and Holland for various reasons, are unable to support the interdisciplinary training work this year, ELIANT has decided to take on this valuable initiative as its project – and also warmly encourages you to make a donation. 100% of each contribution will go to the initiative and help to ensure that this work 'by Africans for Africans' will not only continue but also grow. The costs of participating and travelling to the events have up to now been prohibitive for many of those wishing to attend.

In the hope that you are also inspired by this project
we send warm greetings on behalf of the ELIANT team

Michaela Glöckler

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