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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Your opinion as a citizen is requested

Would you like to have your voice heard in Europe?

Dear friends of ELIANT,

On May 9th, Europe Day, the European Commission launched a one year consultation open to all European citizens, on the future of the EU. It contains a comprehensive list of questions. We were however shocked to discover two major omissions that we consider absolutely essential:

How can you help ensure that these two points are properly considered?

You can serve the future of Europe by responding to the consultation and entering something like the following under the first question of the consultation:

Cultural change is driven by citizens initiatives and the political, cultural, educational, medical and agricultural goals that they set. Their concerns must be taken seriously, addressed and included by Brussels in their strategic plan for the future of Europe.

Since the Commission and Council of Ministers have not only an executive but also a legislative function within the EU, it is particularly important for civil society to be included. The usual separation between the executive (Commission) and the legislature (Parliament) is not (yet) realised in the EU.

What can ELIANT contribute towards Europe's future?

What can ELIANT contribute towards Europe's future? Together with partners who share the same goals, the ELIANT alliance can strengthen and support projects and cultural initiatives across Europe that are value-focused and ecologically orientated. Learn more about our mission and our activities.

Thank you and best wishes
Michaela Glöckler (for the ELIANT-Team)

A gift from you will help us expand our work. Along with the Germany-based Alliance for Humane Education, we are currently engaged in an EU-wide campaign to secure the right to have screen-free early years and primary school education. You can sign the petition here.