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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Steiner and Waldorf Schools invite to Brussels

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

2019 is a special year for the Waldorf / Steiner School movement. In September 1919, the first school opened its doors in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, a 100 years later, there are over 1182 schools in more than 66 countries across the world.

An amazing international conference in Brussels on education

One of ELIANT's founding members, the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE), is organising an international conference on November 7th 2019 to which you are warmly invited.

The conference reflects the growing importance of the European dimension in determining such education policies as digital competency, media literacy and quality assurance. The debate about competence-based teaching and learning is having an increasing influence on curriculum design at the national level.

With this event, ECSWE would like to engage policy makers, academics, teachers, parents and everyone with an interest in education in a dialogue about the following questions:

  • How can education enable children to form meaningful relationships with the world?
  • What contribution can Steiner-Waldorf education make towards education policy, curriculum design, the assessment of results and the implementation of the EU's Key Competences?
  • What does education need to focus on in a society 
with instant access to vast amounts of information?

ELIANT's Contribution

One of the core tasks of ELIANT is to support the individual development of each child and the unfolding of its abilities. This is why ELIANT launched the petition "for the right to have screen-free day care institutions, kindergartens and primary schools" and to reach out to parents and professionals. Independent research can be found in the position paper.

Please help us reach a significant number of signatories in support of retaining freedom of choice in education!

With warm greetings on behalf of the Alliance partners
Michaela Glöckler