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The world's finest red wine is biodynamic

Significantly fewer greenhouse gases from organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

The latest news from the International Biodynamic Association and Demeter International, our alliance partners who represent farmers from more than 60 countries on all continents:

The finest red wine is biodynamic

The International Wine Challenge 2019 is the most respected wine competition in the world. In 2019 the red wine Château l'Hospitalet 2017, produced by biodynamic and Demeter certified wine grower Gérard Bertrand, attained the status of the finest red wine in the world. Biodynamic agriculture creates products which are not only of the highest quality and flavour, but also protect the climate.

Organic agriculture emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases

Among the factors causing climate change is the emission of harmful greenhouse gases from agricultural soils. In the spring of 2019 a study of the greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide (CO2, Nitrous Oxide (N2O) or laughing gas and methane (CH4) – was published in the context of the long-running (40 years) DOK Trials. The results show striking differences between the various agricultural methods:

If gas emissions under the conventional system are taken as 100%, those from organic agriculture are 64% and from biodynamic agriculture 41%. Harmful greenhouse gas emissions are therefore significantly reduced by farming organically. Fazit: Biodynamic and organic agriculture is better for the climate.

With warm greetings on behalf of the alliance Michaela Glöckler

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