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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Human dignity - the principle cultural value

Dear friends of ELIANT,

This first newsletter, coming after a longer break, is dedicated to an issue of central importance to ELIANT, one we have been intensely occupied with over the last months – how to raise awareness for and find partners to actively uphold and strengthen human dignity in the face of increasing threats. Two examples:

Challenges for the educational system in the digital age
Development neurologists like Prof. Hüther and economic experts such as McAfee, the director for Digital Business in MIT in Cambridge, agree that 60% to 70% of today's professions could be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots.

In order to live a meaningful life in this new world we need creativity, social skills and a capacity for entrepreneurial thinking and action. The foundation for all of these however is found in the analogue and not in the digital world!

Our new European-wide education campaign – in partnership with the «Bündnis für humane Bildung» - has gathered 20,000 signatures including from prominent figures such as the founding President of the University of Witten-Herdecke, Dr. Konrad Schily. Many are hesitant at joining in however. Yet it is about the human dignity of children and young people! About their right to a healthy brain development in the analogue world of time and space. We must address this paradox – to become human requires an interaction with human beings, not with machines. We need an education system that orientates itself towards the human being and not to economic interests! You can sign the petition here.

Homeopathy should have the same recognition as allopathic medicine

The current defamation campaign being orchestrated against homeopathy across the world is focused on the way it deviates from the prevailing scientific paradigm and takes the experience of quality and process as its starting point. Allowing for different ways of thinking about spirit and matter however is the basis of tolerance and human dignity – and is indispensable for an integrative approach to medicine that takes the creative human spirit as seriously as it does the transient body. Our ELIANT Alliance partner «Gesundheit aktiv» is preparing a campaign on this issue about which we will report more in due course.

ELIANT sees itself as a force within civil society that gives voice to our endangered human dignity. Please lend us your support by distributing this newsletter and making a Donation.

With warm thanks and greetings
on behalf of the ELIANT team
Michaela Glöckler