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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Successful anniversary conference for ELIANT in Brussels

Dear Friends of ELIANT

On 7th November ELIANT held its own conference in Brussels for the very first time.

We were able to show how applied anthroposophy is a significant player in making respect for human dignity and the rights of freedom, equality and solidarity enshrined in the European constitution, a practical reality. Although the European Union has defined these fundamental rights in the Charter, the wider citizenry is largely unaware of and makes no demands on them. Situations where these rights are compromised are continually being accepted. It is therefore vitally important that civil society wakes up, looks carefully at what is going on and claims these rights.

Sophie Beernaerts from the department for schools and pedagogy within the EU Directorate for Education and Culture, emphasised that the freedom of choice and having those choices available depends on there being well-informed citizens. She therefore sees education as the foundation for European development. Gerald Häfner pointed out how highly dependent democracy is on the democratic perceptions and attitudes of individual people and how it is unthinkable without an active civil society movement.

Participants in the seven working groups brought clarity to the questions that need addressing in the near future. We will be taking these up as part of our on going public relations work in Brussels.

Here are some preliminary photos from the conference. Videos and conference reports will be available on our website from the end of November. With more than 140 people attended the conference was very successful.

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) provided invaluable assistance in the preparing and running of this event. This incurred costs however that we have not yet been able to recover. We are therefore very grateful to you for supporting this conference and our on going work.

With warm greetings from the ELIANT Team
Michaela Glöckler