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Securing the right to a choice of food – what we can do!

Support the strict regulation and labelling of genetically modified food with your signature!

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

The European Parliament will vote on the new legal proposal regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) of the new kind on 16th January 2024. These are also called new genomic techniques, NGTs.

What does the new law seek to achieve?
The proposal of the European Commission is to exclude the new genomic techniques (NGT), such as CRISPR/Cas and other procedures from the current EU GMO regulations (a comprehensive overview of NGTs and the EU legislative process is available here). This means that in future genetically modified food would arrive untested and unlabelled in our fields and on our plates.
Up until now the old and the new genetic technologies have been subject to the same strict EU procedures. This includes a comprehensive risk assessment for human health and the environment and transparency for both manufacturers and farmers. It also ensures a clear labelling of the end product for consumers.

On the one hand this new legislation poses a direct threat to the seed sovereignty of farmers and the diversity of agricultural crop varieties and on the other significantly reduces the choice of food available and with it the support directed to agricultural systems that wish to avoid genetic modification technology.

Please join with us and our alliance partners in our campaign to retain this choice!
We still have a chance of retaining our right to choose, safeguarding our health and protecting the environment! Using this link you can approach members of the European parliament and ask them to support strict rules for all the new forms of GMO!

This is how it works: First select the representatives that you would like to address in your own country or click 'choose all' if you want to reach all MEPs. Then provide your name and email address and send your message. In doing so you remind politicians that they are not lobbyists for the agri-biotech industry but should represent the opinions of engaged citizens!
Thank you so much for supporting this very important issue.

We hope that through many small and larger steps we can advance the common good and the health of the earth.

With warm greetings for the coming year 2024 on behalf of the ELIANT team and its Alliance partners.

Michaela Glöckler

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