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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Funding appeal for the work of ELIANT in 2023

Report on activities and a heart-felt appeal for support

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

ELIANT has campaigned strongly for cultural diversity and human dignity in the face of war and the threat it poses. Peace becomes possible when sufficient numbers of people call for it. That is why we sent copies of our previous three newsletters – about free choice with regard to the Covid 19 vaccine, the urgent need for peace negotiations in Ukraine and Gorbachev's vision for a common European home – to all members of the European Parliament. It was gratifying that a high number were opened.

Thanks to your willingness to contribute financially we were able to support the efforts of our alliance partner ECSWE in its campaign for an age-appropriate use of digital equipment in schools. As already reported ECSWE's position paper on the "Consequences for Education of the Digitalising of Teaching" in the UN report has been referred to many times. We are particularly pleased that with your support we have been able to publish the media guide in 17 languages and enable the short film produced in 2022 in eight languages to find a wide audience and continue to be circulated widely! Our campaign to protect children from premature exposure to screen dependency has brought us into contact with many positive initiatives.

We asked you to sign the petition of our alliance partner Biodynamic Federation Demeter International calling for the strict regulation of all genetic modification procedures and would like to thank you warmly for participating. Altogether 420,757 EU citizens have signed it!
The initiators of the 5G petition have expressed warm gratitude to ELIANT having experienced a massive increase in signatures following the publication of our newsletter. We will keep you updated on this.

All of this shows that the more people we have who can work to bring about a strong value-focused and culturally diverse Europe, the more will it be able to develop. ELIANT would like to help bring this about as much as possible in the various fields of life. During the coming year our aim is to work to achieve an even wider reach within civil society and find many new subscribers to our newsletters. You can all help us with this as best you can! For as important as it is to work against the harm and damage being caused to nature it is also of crucial importance for constructive, sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives to come about that connect with and mutually support one another.

In order to proceed with all these activities and where possible build on them, your financial support is urgently called for. With your help we can maintain what we have achieved and develop it further! We are looking forward to it. For every donation however small gives us courage for the work facing us in 2023!

With good wishes for a blessed festival of Christmastide on behalf of all the alliance partners

Michaela Glöckler

Warm thanks for your Christmas donation!