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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

We can still influence the destiny of the earth

How can we stop the earth from over heating?

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

The discussions in Glasgow clearly show that relying on politics and economics alone will not bring stability to our suffering earth. It needs the thinking activity and societal engagement of many independent citizens as well as the associations and organisations whose tireless dedication to this goal over many decades deserves our deepest gratitude. For more than fifty years we have been living beyond our means in almost all spheres of life and exploited the earth's resources. We cannot reverse the damage caused but can limit it and do as much as we possibly can to heal and regenerate the wounded earth and her ecosystem.

We are therefore all the more pleased about two great success stories:
In September and October the ELIANT community made a significant contribution to the success of two campaigns that have a positive impact on the climate. Thank you very much for your support:

  • The petition Save Bees and Farmers which sought to promote biodiversity and sustainable agriculture, achieved its goal with 1.2 million signatures. We will keep you informed about the further steps. You can find out more here.
  • The campaign for GM-free agriculture was also a great success. Information can be found here.

There are many good ideas, projects and lots of enthusiasm in the world for reducing greenhouse gas emissions – even where the political-economic will is still lacking or only half-hearted. As to what each of us can do on our own, that is something we have described in our newsletter of March 2021. More information about this can be found on our website. When the need is fully acknowledged – for instance having a more climate-friendly diet with less meat consumption – then it is easier to avoid habits that are harmful to the climate. We feel connected with one another in doing what is possible or in the words of the old man with lamp in Goethe's Fairy Tale: "One alone does not help, but rather he who unites with others at the right moment".

We thank you for recognising and respecting the needs of the earth so that both she and humanity can have a future.

With best wishes to all and warm greetings
Michaela Glöckler

In a time that requires ever more initiatives we are very grateful for any donations you can make.