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War in the Ukraine – how we can help

Good thoughts, prayers and financial support

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

The unbelievable has now happened – not only threats and demands but a military attack in the centre of Europe on a culturally rich and peace loving country. We need to look at the history of the last 30 years in order to understand what is happening. For this we strongly recommend the video by Gerald Häfner "Europe's responsibility for promoting peace". It is in German with English sub-titles.

We sincerely hope that negotiations will lead to a speedy solution. Those with friends in the Ukraine can experience directly the courage, disbelief and the will to campaign for freedom and self-determination. We can also experience how prayers, good thoughts and hope can provide strength and mutual support to people and enable them to find inner peace and confidence despite their many concerns and fears.

What can we do? How can one person help? War brings uncertainty for everyone. People flee. Those who remain suffer trauma and face sirens, bombs, destitution and fear.

ELIANT has direct contact to people in Ukraine via the Waldorf schools. This means that any donation made to Waldorf schools and emergency education initiatives for traumatised children, will get to those for whom it is intended.

Contributions towards health care can be made here via the account of the Ukrainian Medical Association in Germany (Ukrainischen Ärztevereinigung in Deutschland e.V).

It is also very important to remember that escalation is always the result of confrontation, one-sided guilt declarations and the demonisation of the opponent. This is where prayers for peace, hope-filled thoughts and courage can help. All actions ultimately have their origins in thoughts and that is what each one of us can help bring about – a culture of peace on a small scale can bring hope globally. The archangel Michael is the guardian angel of Kiev and Ukraine – he stands for the overcoming of fear and aggression.

With a deep hope that this military escalation can be brought to an end and a positive future found for Ukraine, I send warm greetings on behalf of the whole ELIANT team

Michaela Glöckler