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European Alliance of Initiatives
for Applied Anthroposophy

Our appeal to support ELIANT in 2024

Activity report and a heartfelt appeal for support

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Apart from our on going campaign in support of human dignity and the retention of important choices, the main emphasis of our activity over the last year has been on biodiversity. We have been very concerned at the way responsible parliamentarians and officials have increasingly ridden rough-shod over the wishes and demands of civil society in recent years. We were all the more pleased therefore about how many EU parliamentarians opened our newsletter to them in which we expressed our concern about the Glyphosate decision.

We have also strengthened our contacts with the coordinator of Democracy International e.V. Without growing these civil society activities and bringing them together, we will be unable to drive the democratising process in Europe forward. That is why we are so grateful for all your help in gathering signatures over the last year!

It is also thanks to your support that the call by our ELIANT partner Gesundheit aktiv "for more natural medicine in the health service", became one of the top three themes in the second independently organised referendum of the Abstimmung 21 Initiative in Germany. The satisfying result came then on 31st October 2023 with: 82 per cent of citizens voting for more natural medicine in the health service. This provides further backing for discussions with politicians with regard to the German health sector.

The second project lying close to our hearts that we could support with your help, is the networking of anthroposophical initiatives in Africa. With your donations you have made it possible for the All African Anthroposophic Training 2023 – important for the practical application of anthroposophy across the continent – not only to take place but also to become the starting point for many new initiatives. We were particularly pleased about this.

We have also received positive feedback for the current issues addressed in our newsletters and our response to them. Even though they often concern highly complex and hard to resolve problems of today such as:

  • The effects of glyphosate on soil fertility, food quality and on biodiversity.
  • The intended non-declaration of the new CRISPR/Cas genetic modification procedures by the EU, which would render the consumer's right to choose, impossible.
  • Anti-microbial resistance in the field of medicine as well as Traditional Complementary Integrative Healthcare (TCIH)
  • Concerns about child health in the digital age

When many people occupy themselves exploring possible solutions and perspectives, the desperately needed cultural changes that we also seek to provide information about, come a step closer. We have trust in this.

That more respect be given to human dignity, citizens' wishes and their options for choice and that the harm done to nature and the environment be reduced, will be the focus of ELIANT in the new year. We will apply all our strength and make a great effort to spread our message and anchor it more widely in civil society.

In order to achieve this and meet the new challenges we rely on your continued financial support. Small gifts also make a decisive contribution and demonstrate the good will that supports, encourages and inspires us in our work. We would like to conclude this appeal with a vote of gratitude towards you all for having made the work in 2023 possible and with the hope that we can count on you in the coming year too!

With best wishes for a blessed festival also on behalf of all members of the alliance.

Michaela Glöckler

Warm thanks for your Christmas donations!